There’s no better way to describe what we do than to give you some examples:

  • A married Westport fund manager secretly purchased an apartment in New York for his younger girlfriend. Ongoing surveillance proved he visited her there regularly on nights when he told his wife he had to entertain clients in the City.
  • A middle-aged Greenwich mom and pillar of her community spent overnights with much younger men on her regular “girls weekends” in Miami.
  • A Darien senior executive denied his suspected affair with a client. A meticulously planned, extended surveillance through three states during a “business trip” to San Diego found them checking into the same room in the same hotel, very much arm in arm.
  • A female Fairfield CEO secretly conducted a relationship with a parent of one of players on the golf team. They would drop the boys off for practice and then had about two hours to kill.
  • A married Cos Cob businessman developed an addiction to online gay sex websites. In time this progressed to casual encounter sites and actual hookups. Exhaustive undercover work and international surveillance confirmed his meeting with a young male at a gay club while on a business trip in Barcelona.
  • A Stamford CFO and his female accounting subordinate had an ongoing Friday lunchtime affair. They would meet at a local shopping mall, where he would park in one parking lot, she in another. She would then make a quick purchase in the mall to justify her presence there, before leaving the building through another exit and then joining her boss at his vehicle. Needless to say it didn’t end well.
  • Everything is not always as it seems however: a wealthy, divorced Rowayton mother of three left her young children alone every night after she put them to bed, seemingly for hookups at highway service stations. Extended surveillance however revealed she had developed a $5,000-a-week scratch off lottery ticket addiction and spent the hours alone in her car.

Infidelity takes many forms.