Background investigations take many forms…

Due Diligence

Investment decisions at all levels demand comprehensive due diligence investigations to evaluate risk, veracity and exposure. Artus Group is nationally known as a leader in the due diligence arena and our clients include major private equity firms, venture capital firms, real estate investment companies and investors nationwide. Our due diligence investigations include research of state and federal public records, professional histories, media presence, internet and social media review as well as source inquiries regarding executives at companies around the globe.

Litigation Backgrounds

A prerequisite for defense and trial attorneys is a deep-dive background investigation on the plaintiffs suing their clients. Artus Group’s comprehensive public record investigations are conducted through an unparalleled assembly of databases and a tried and trusted network of resources at every court and every police department in the country. Our public record research is complemented with a thorough review of a plaintiff’s media profile, social media history and deep-internet footprint. The results, pre- and post-deposition, are actionable and often invaluable.

Custody and Family Background Checks

Background investigations have many applications in the family arena. Examples: Mom’s new boyfriend is with the children daily but there are concerns regarding his former drug use and history of violence. Dad’s new girlfriend seems nice there are rumors she has a history of alcoholism and was a prostitute in her native Philippines. Dad’s housekeeper is getting closer and closer to him and seems to be cutting dad off from the family – the family has suspicions that this new carer has a history of abuse and defrauding the elderly. There are many family applications for a background investigation and no company has the experience or goes deeper than Artus Group. The results are actionable, invaluable and often remarkable.

Pre-Employment Background Investigations

In the changing landscape of pre-employment screening, Artus Group takes great pride in its knowledge of and compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which governs all pre-employment background investigations. From senior executive level to entry level candidates nationwide, Artus Group can tailor each background check to fit your company’s needs and budget.

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