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What is Litigation Support?

From an investigative perspective, litigation support is the process of gathering information, evidence and documentation to help attorneys succeed for their clients. With over 20 years of private investigation service and support at Artus Group, see why our attorney clients trust us as their first choice for legal assistance in Connecticut litigation support.

How We Help CT Attorneys and Law Firms

At Artus Group, we offer a variety of litigation services and support to our Connecticut attorneys and law firms. Let’s explore the litigation services & support our PI experts provide to our clients:

Background Investigations

Background investigations take many forms:

  • Plaintiff background checks
  • Litigation background investigations
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Pre-investment due diligence investigations
  • Custody and family background investigations
  • Self background checks

A prerequisite for defense and trial attorneys is a deep-dive background investigation on the plaintiffs suing their clients; a critical component of any investment is a due diligence investigation on the principles; understanding the background of a person who is going to be around your children; these are just three applications of deep-dive background investigation services.

Artus Group’s comprehensive public record investigations are conducted through an unparalleled assembly of databases and a tried and trusted network of resources at every court and every police department in the country. Our public record research is complemented with a thorough review of a plaintiff’s media profile, social media history and deep-internet footprint. The results – pre-deposition, pre-investment – or pre-employment – are actionable and invaluable. Our focus on a client centric approach provides everything you’ll need to know about background checks and due diligence investigations.


Never has the “ten-thousand hour rule” been so pivotal to success. We have decades of mobile surveillance experience in Connecticut and the know-how to be able to make the correct decision in the moment to get the results you need. Learn how we obtain the video and photographic evidence our clients need to fulfill surveillance service requests in CT.

Locates, Interviews, Statements and Subpoenas

Artus Group has the experience, resources and skill to get the results you need. Typical applications include:

  • Locating witnesses
  • Locating defendants for subpoena and judgment service
  • Interviewing witnesses or persons with first-hand knowledge of a person, company or event
  • Serving subpoenas on persons or companies that a marshal service has been unable to locate

eDiscovery Litigation Support – Computer and Phone Forensic Analysis

Artus Group’s computer forensic and eDiscovery analysts are former law-enforcement, award-winning experts who conduct forensic PC, laptop, mobile device and phone analysis. Deleted texts, deleted web browser histories, spyware, theft of proprietary information – we find it all. Our PI experts also provide network security and on-property digital security/network analysis services, to help you secure your personal information and regain your digital privacy. Ready to Take Back Your Digital Security? Download Rob Artus’s FREE personal digital security guide.

Electronic Sweeps

Artus Group provides government grade electronic debugging surveys, often in corporate offices and board rooms during proxy battles or secret negotiations, but also routinely in residences. Our CT debugging team has over 30-years of hand-on experience and utilizes the highest grade equipment available. In a residential setting, an electronic sweep is often requested due to privacy concerns and as a proactive countermeasure against eavesdropping and unauthorized surveillance. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that no eavesdropping devices are present and that there is no evidence of unauthorized surveillance in the home. We conduct radio signal analysis of WiFi, Bluetooth, CCTV systems and cellular frequencies in search of any suspicious signals or other anomalies. We also use extensive thermal imaging and non-linear junction detection (for hidden electronics), combined with comprehensive video, visual and physical searches. In 20 years of experience, our investigators have found some outrageous devices. But finding nothing is also critical – at both the residential and boardroom level – where peace of mind is the ultimate goal.

Other Litigation Support Services

As a full service CT litigation support firm, Artus Group provides the following litigation services:

  • Family and Divorce Investigations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Public Record Research
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • DNA Analysis
  • Pre-Trial Discovery
  • Counterfeit Product Investigations
  • Videography and Evidentiary Photography
  • Jury Background Research
  • Asset Searches
  • Intellectual Property Investigation

We’ve provided extensive litigation support services to Connecticut attorneys and law firms from around the country and overseas for over twenty years.

If you’re ready to receive the expert level litigation support your firm needs, send us a message or call us to our Connecticut investigation experts for a confidential consultation. We’re here to assist clients of all sizes with their litigation service needs. Learn more about Rob Artus and his team, and find out why we’ve become Connecticut’s top CT litigation support firm.