Pre-employment background checks have become an essential component of today’s modern hiring process, offering employers valuable insights into the backgrounds of prospective candidates. In today’s competitive job market, ensuring that a potential hire is not only qualified but also trustworthy and reliable is critical.

These services encompass a comprehensive range of checks, including criminal records, employment history, education verification, credit reports, litigation history, social media analysis, reference checks, and more. By utilizing our CT pre-employment background check services, employers can minimize hiring risks, safeguard their workplace environment, and make informed decisions that contribute to the overall success of their organizations.

Let’s delve deeper into the benefits and considerations associated with pre-employment background checks, shedding light on how these services are indispensable tools for organizations seeking to build strong, dependable teams.

What is a Pre-Employment Background Check?

Pre-employment background checks are a comprehensive investigation conducted on behalf of employers by consumer reporting agencies (CRA’s) to gather information about a job candidate’s history and qualifications before making a hiring decision. Typically, the process involves verifying the accuracy of the applicant’s resume and application, checking for criminal history and public records, confirming their education and employment history, understanding their litigation history and driving history and, in some cases where applicable and permissible, assessing their credit history.

Why do employers conduct pre-employment background checks?

If recent news tells us anything, it’s that verification of credentials and providing a safe working environment are critical for all employers. Employers include a pre-employment background check in their on-boarding process to ensure a potential employee is a suitable fit for the position, can be trusted, and poses no significant risks to the organization or its employees. Almost all companies now include a pre-employment background screening program in their pre-hiring process, in order to maintain a safe and secure work environment. The stakes are too high not to.

What Are the Different Levels of Pre-Employment Background Checks?

From senior executive-level candidates to entry-level candidates nationwide, we tailor each background check to fit each company’s needs and budget. We can provide companies with several different levels such as:

  • Level A: shop floor, entry-level, manufacturing staff, drivers;
  • Level B: administrative staff, middle-management, sales staff;
  • Level C: CFO, COO and all C-Suite positions, financial management, senior executives.

Are Pre-Employment Background Checks Covered by Law?

Yes! In the changing landscape of pre-employment screening, Artus Group takes great pride in its knowledge of and compliance with, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which governs all pre-employment background investigations.

As an extremely experienced consumer reporting agency, Artus Group is fully compliant with all aspects of the FCRA – both at the federal and state levels. We understand the nuances of pre-employment screening processes and we know how to quickly provide our clients with the information they need to make the right hiring decisions, in full compliance with the FCRA. Our investigative firm experts also understand the ever-changing “Ban the Box” laws – including for New York City employers, where requirements are particularly unique – and each state’s interpretations of laws governing the pre-employment screening process.

What is the First Step?

Federal and state law states that a signed authorization must be obtained from any and all employment candidates prior to conducting any aspect or form of a pre-employment background check. There are no exceptions and, within that authorization form, there are multiple federal and state-specific disclosures that must be provided to the applicant before the background check can begin. We fully understand federal and state requirements – our authorization and disclosure includes 16 necessary pages!

What Can be Included in a Pre-Employment Background Check?

Pre-employment background investigations in CT and throughout the U.S. can vary from the most basic public record screening to the deepest background research, and may also include a full analysis of media presence, internet footprint and social media usage. Artus Group’s pre-employment background investigations include many or all of the following components:

  • Criminal records
  • Civil litigation history
  • Liens and judgments
  • Professional licensure and disciplinary actions
  • SEC filings
  • Bankruptcies
  • Federal criminal litigation
  • Federal civil litigation
  • Corporate affiliations
  • Watch list and financial regulatory review
  • National, local and regional media research
  • Driving history and traffic violations
  • Citations and offenses
  • Past employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Property ownership and other personal property
  • Reference interviews and source inquiries
  • Internet research
  • Social media profiles
  • Name changes and probate cases
  • Divorce and family court records
  • Credit history (as permitted by state law)

How Much do Pre-Employment Background Checks Cost & How Long Do They Take?

Because each background check is unique, there is no standard cost or turnaround, and it all depends on the complexity of the subject. For example, Level A background reports on a candidate with an uncommon name who has resided solely in Connecticut will go much more quickly than a Level C report on a CFO who has a common name and has resided in four different states. Consequently, background checks can take anywhere from one day to a week or more.

Similarly, pricing varies based on depth, jurisdictional history, the candidate’s work and media profile, and the commonality of the candidate’s name (think “Smith”, “Jones”, “Rivera”, “Lee” etc).

Regardless, we recognize that time is of the essence. Our clients are anxious to get this stage of the hiring process completed and we’ll do whatever it takes to complete your background check – at a price that fits.

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go?

In many states, adverse records may only be reported for the last seven years. However, in Connecticut, for example, and multiple other states, adverse records can be reported beyond seven years in the Connecticut background check report if the candidate is expected to earn over $75,000 per year.

Regardless of anticipated salary, the FCRA states that criminal convictions may be reported beyond seven years. However, state law varies from state to state and in some states, such as California, convictions may only be reported within seven years, regardless of salary or any other factors.

It is critical that your CRA understands the nuances of the laws of each state to ensure you are compliant. You’ve come to the right place for the highest quality pre-employment checks for employers.

Understanding “Ban the Box” laws With Pre-Employment Background Checks?

When we started in this business back in the 1990s, almost every job background check application or authorization form included two boxes at the bottom of the last page. “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?” was the question asked. The applicant was required to check one of two boxes: “Yes” or “No”.

How do you suppose an employer would typically respond when an applicant checked the “Yes” box?

Around ten years ago, a national movement gained momentum that wanted to stop this process and sought to, literally, “Ban the Box” on job applications and background authorization forms. The movement has gained huge support and, each year, more and more states, counties and even cities adopt their own unique versions of the Ban-the-Box law. That is: an employer cannot ask about arrests or criminal convictions in the application process, as it is a discriminatory practice. Our investigative experts understand Ban-the-Box laws and the impact they can have on your company.

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  • Compliance
  • Depth
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