A high-level private investigation can be a critical component of divorce and custody cases. Here are some of the ways we regularly help our Family clients:

  • Custody investigations – It may surprise you that over half of all our family investigations revolve around custody: background checks on new partners, alcohol use before and during visitation, suspicions of neglect, observing activities and other persons present during visitation etc. We can help you find what you need.
  • Infidelity investigations – it take years of experience and know-how to do these properly. Learn more
  • Proving cohabitation – proving cohabitation can reduce alimony payments, often significantly, and we help our clients regularly.  Learn more
  • Background investigations – the findings can be mind-blowing and actionable.   Learn more
  • Sex, gambling, drug and alcohol addiction investigations – easy to suspect and often difficult to prove, but we’ve helped clients many times in this delicate area.
  • Computer and phone forensic analysis – we have the experts to help you find what you need.  Learn more
  • Electronic debugging sweeps – we have the best team in the Northeast. Whether a family home, a boardroom or a personal vehicle, their work is top-shelf and government grade.  Learn more
  • Social media analysis, dark web dives and evidentiary reports – it’s astonishing what we find.